Why We Need Vegetarian Food

Our children are future of bharat and the entire world. We need to develop a good ecosystem for them to nourish and nurture their future. If we want a good soul like Buddha, mahavir, Vivekananda, dayand sarawati, krushna, ram, gautam, kapil, kanad, patanjali to come on this earth then we need to furnish the best quality of diet to our children. This is mandatory if we want them to be healthier, happier and intelligent enough

A2 Organic Milk

Organic A2 Milk Project: Organic milk – (milk of Indian pure cow) is also known as A2 milk. If human just have the A2 milk only, he does not require any other food. Cow milk has only those nurturing elements, which are required by human body. It contains optimum level nutrients. Milk is balance food. We are about to deliver this holy nectar milk at your kitchen from Karuna Dham Organic Farm. Our ultimate holy

Why We Need Organic Food

In today’s busy life, human is so busy that they do not know whatever the diet they take is like slow poison. This is because in modern day farming there is lot of usage of UREA, DAP as part of pesticides. All these poisonous chemical fertilizers are utilized with an intention of increasing fertility of the crop. But the outcomes are absolutely opposite. In fact, poisonous micro elements smudges with the crop and entered into