Why We Need Organic Food

In today’s busy life, human is so busy that they do not know whatever the diet they take is like slow poison. This is because in modern day farming there is lot of usage of UREA, DAP as part of pesticides.
All these poisonous chemical fertilizers are utilized with an intention of increasing fertility of the crop. But the outcomes are absolutely opposite. In fact, poisonous micro elements smudges with the crop and entered into the body of a human.
According arya hindu conviction, the formation of mind depends on the quality of food. The poisonous food leads to poisonous. It leaves not only our body with poison but pollutes our mind also.
Due to such poisonous meal, we are gradually compromising with our health and purity of our mind.
Day by day, our mental and body health is deteriorating and we are either unaware of it or neglecting it. Not only mind and body, but purely of soul matters a lot.
Due to Lethal diet, blood is also poisonous. Situation is even more worsening when the milk of mother is also poisonous. Milk of mother is nectar for child. But that ultimate source is now poisonous.
All animals, birds have to accept poisonous diet. Due to chemical based fertilizer, the fodder for animals have gone poisonous. So cow’s milk is also poisonous, which is most widely acceptable in bharat. Proportion of micro nutrients & other nurturing elements are almost absent.
In today’s word, we are confronted with extremely harmful innumerable diseases. Nobody is protected.
We are and we have to face server loss of purity of body, mind and soul. Loss at mind and soul level can never be recovered.
Unless our government, intellectuals will awaken themselves, we have to be ready for welcoming severe diseases. Entire humanity across the world is going to be trapped into sickness.
We allow diseases to enter into our body by taking stale, rotten, frozen food. Same way we are allowing diseases to enter into the soil, water, air through chemical fertilizers. Food grains, fruits, vegetables produced from chemical fertilizers are containing venomous micro particles. All such particles are injected and deposited in our body. These particles affects negatively on our body and mind function. Our body is now confined with many hidden sicknesses. Pure food leads to pure mind formation and poisonous food leads to poisonous mind.
None of the home is available is free from diseases now. BP, sugar, cancer, dengue, chicken gunia, kidney, lever, heart diseases are everywhere. It seems that solutions is no where.
Polluted food not only pollutes your physical body but it affects negatively to your subtle bodies and mind. Consequences are evident that entire humanity is suffering from terrorism, hatred. We observe rise in crime and criminals in each and every corner of the world. Theft, looting, killing, rape are everywhere. Human can be seen, but humanity is dying. We have never seen and experienced the society that we live today. Death of humanity is encroaching our heart deeply.
Our society never used to be so dangerous like today. Our women are not safe. It is very much harder for people with good character and moral values to find safer place outside home.
All such chaos, violence, corruption, hatred are nothing but an outcome of polluted food, which is manufactured from urea, DAP etc.
If we analyze the history of our ancestors of 500 or 1000 years ago. You will find high moral values of those people. They were very brave, cultured, and patient.
Just few centuries back, people of bharat never used to lock their homes, jails were completely vacant. Crime rate was zero. Citizens lived their life with greater honesty with high moral values. Our great sages and hermits were ultimate source of scientific knowledge. Bharat, once known as golden bird.
If we analyze their life and diet, it is evident that everything was divine and holy food. It was the only impact of food on their mind and soul. Their milk, butter, buttermilk, fruits, food grains were fertilized by indigenous cow urine and dung. It is the only impact of cow urine and cow dung, which ultimately reflects in all diet.
Many countries in today’s world like Australia, New Zealand and many European countries have implemented organic farming project at very large scale. UREA, DAP have been prohibited by many countries.
Many leading nations have taken forward steps toward organic farming. It is now evident with the help of scientific experiments that foods fertilized from organic farming are beneficial to human. They are rich in minerals and helps for the complete development of body, mind and soul.
This is very much critical time. Unless we work towards humanity and our upcoming generations then we will be late. Already, we are too late. Further delay in unacceptable.
Our children are future of bharat and the entire world. We need to develop a good ecosystem for them to nourish and nurture their future. If we want a good soul like Buddha, mahavir, Vivekananda, dayand sarawati, krushna, ram, gautam, kapil, kanad, patanjali to come on this earth then we need to furnish the best quality of diet to our children.
This is mandatory if we want them to be healthier, happier and intelligent enough to understand subtle science.
We must pledge for organic farming and need to explain people about it’s importance. We need to spread the fact of organic farming to every person in the world.

In order to live in a better, divine, disease free and peaceful world, it is our duty to make people informative about the benefits of organic food. This is our holy duty. We cannot ignore it anymore.
We, the people of bharat inspired from vedic principle called “the world is a family”. This deeply routed value system inspired us to make a smaller effort in to the direction of organic food. This effort is like a small drop of water in ocean.
We are delighted and confident about our organic foot project that this will win your trust and will provide divine food to children, elders.
It goes without saying that we will keep on providing divine organic food with natural test at affordable market pricing.
Our mission is to keep you energetic, enthusiastic and wealthier forever.
Organic food grains are scarce resource and available in few market places. Being too expensive, it is affordable by few richer people. That’s why only richer enjoying its rich test and health benefits.
At karuna dham we employ only superior quality organic vegetable oil and indigenous cow ghee, which are divine and nutrient rich.
Organic Agriculture and Gau Shala Project:
Natural organic farming and development of gau shala is are fundamental ecosystem to organic food. That’s why they are part of our project. In Mid 2018, organic farming and gau shala project will have been commenced in 16 acre land in Uttar Pradesh.
At Karuna Dham, we will utilize purely natural organic food grains considering the divine development of a human being. We will also welcome other farmers to join our holy mission of organic farming.
Karuna Dham Kitchen will provide not only organic delicious food, but will deliver organic food grains, vegetables, milk to your home at affordable pricing.
We are hopeful that you will provide us this holy opportunity to serve you with greater divinity. We expect your bliss and involvement in this divine mission of holy food.

Organic A2 Milk Project:
Organic milk – (milk of Indian pure cow) is also known as A2 milk. If human just have the A2 milk only, he does not require any other food.
Cow milk has only those nurturing elements, which are required by human body. It contains optimum level nutrients. Milk is balance food.
We are about to deliver this holy nectar milk at your kitchen from Karuna Dham Organic Farm. Our ultimate holy mission is to materialize the vedic principle called “everyone be happier and healthier”.
May almighty god bliss entire humanity with divine mind, body and soul.

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