Why We Need Vegetarian Food

Our children are future of bharat and the entire world. We need to develop a good ecosystem for them to nourish and nurture their future. If we want a good soul like Buddha, mahavir, Vivekananda, dayand sarawati, krushna, ram, gautam, kapil, kanad, patanjali to come on this earth then we need to furnish the best quality of diet to our children.
This is mandatory if we want them to be healthier, happier and intelligent enough to understand subtle science.
We must pledge for organic farming and need to explain people about it’s importance. We need to spread the fact of organic farming to every person in the world.

In order to live in a better, divine, disease free and peaceful world, it is our duty to make people informative about the benefits of organic food. This is our holy duty. We cannot ignore it anymore.
We, the people of bharat inspired from vedic principle called “the world is a family”. This deeply routed value system inspired us to make a smaller effort in to the direction of organic food. This effort is like a small drop of water in ocean.
We are delighted and confident about our organic foot project that this will win your trust and will provide divine food to children, elders.
It goes without saying that we will keep on providing divine organic food with natural test at affordable market pricing.
Our mission is to keep you energetic, enthusiastic and wealthier forever.
Organic food grains are scarce resource and available in few market places. Being too expensive, it is affordable by few richer people. That’s why only richer enjoying its rich test and health benefits.
At karuna dham we employ only superior quality organic vegetable oil and indigenous cow ghee, which are divine and nutrient rich.

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